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Associate Code of Conduct

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide retailers a turn-key opportunity that offers specialty photography events for their valuable customers. These events are designed to be hassle-free to store management while providing the highest quality of products and customer service.

At Portraits International, we take great pride in developing programs that are affordable to all families, specializing in photography that is typically only available at expensive private studios.


Since 1984 Portraits International has earned the trust of the world’s leading retailers and their loyal shoppers. This was accomplished by maintaining the highest standards of ethics, product quality and customer service. 

Our continued success depends upon maintaining a culture where our associates reinforce our values. We expect all associates to operate in compliance with the principles outlined in this Associate Code of Conduct.

The term Associate as used in this Code means any subsidiary, dealer, employee, contractor, subcontractor, supplier or other representative of any entity that provides goods or services to or on behalf of Portraits International, LP, its subsidiaries and or affiliates (PI).

The term Host Store as used in this Code shall mean any retail outlet where PI has contracted to offer goods and or services. 

Failure to comply with the terms of this code may jeopardize an Associate’s relationship with PI, up to and including immediate termination of the services being provided by an Associate to or on behalf of PI.

Culture and Ethics

Business Integrity

Associates are expected to exercise high standards of integrity in all business interactions and all business dealings must be accurately reflected in appropriate books and records in accordance with PI policies and applicable laws.

Associates providing service in a Host Store shall not borrow or bring any store item that isn’t paid for, to their work area or anywhere other than directly to a register for payment.  Associates shall keep the receipt with them for any paid-for item in their possession or at their work area.  A mobile phone picture should also be kept in case the original receipt is lost. 

Customer Service

Associates who deal with Customers or matters related to Customers must always be mindful that any PI Customer is first and foremost the Customer of our Host Store partner. When dealing with a Customer concern, Associates shall follow the Sundown Rule and find a suitable resolution for the Customer before the end of the business day or follow up with the Customer to keep them informed of progress made.

Respect for the Individual

Associates shall treat everyone they come into contact with while representing PI in a professional, fair and respectful manner. 

Associates providing services in a Host Store shall limit interactions with Customers, Store Associates and other PI Associates to necessary business matters and must always be conducted in a professional manner.

Associates providing services in a Host Store should immediately comply with any direction given by Host Store Management and immediately report such direction to their direct supervisor or their primary PI contact. 


Associates shall comply with privacy and information security laws and regulatory requirements relating to the collection, storage, processing, transfer and sharing of personal information.  Associates shall safeguard the privacy of all personal information collected in the course of providing goods or services on behalf of PI in accordance with PI protocols and applicable laws.

Gifts, Meals, and Entertainment

Associates shall not provide or offer to provide any gift, meal or entertainment to any Host Store employee in any situation.

Health and Safety

Associates shall follow all PI Health and Safety protocols to ensure a safe workplace and environment for our Customers. If a Host Store’s protocols differ from PI’s, Associates shall follow the more stringent protocols.

Reporting Concerns

If an Associate becomes aware of a violation of any provisions of this Code the Associate shall report the violation(s) (anonymously if so desired) by phone to the PI Code helpline: 281-879-8444, by email; [email protected] or by mailing a note; Portraits International, Attention Jim Kraxner, 10835 Rockley Road, Houston Texas 77099.

If an Associate has any questions about this code they can call the PI Code Helpline: 281-879-8444